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Maton BB-1200 JH (Josh Homme signature model)


Maton BB-1200 JH (Josh Homme signature model)


Something very special today, and one I'm very excited about! This is the first electric by Maton we've had in stock and it does exceed all expectations. Designed in close collaboration with QOTSA frontman Josh Homme, the BB-1200 JH is a truly unique instrument that will do allot more than heavy stoner riffs. The clever design gives it a broad pallete of sounds that will suit jazz,blues and classic-rock players too.


The basis for it's semi-hollow design is a Queensland maple core topped with a solid (!) Victorian Blackwood top and back! The neck is made of maple and gives the guitar rigidity and tons of sustain.The Maton designed Bad Boy alnico 8 pickups compliment the guitar, and have a rich warm clean tone, and a big fat overdriven tone, though I was also impressed by how they clean up when slighty lowering the volume. 


Overall the guitar is light, but not to light and balances very well. The action is great and the satin finished neck feels nice and smooth. the crafstmanship is immaculate, and shows Maton has a long tradition of guitarbuilding.


Travels in a deluxe Hiscox hardcase.


Body material : Victorian Blackwood

Neck material : Rock maple 

Fretboard material : Ebony

Scale lenght : 25,5"

Fretboard radius : 12"

Nut width : 42 mm

Neckshape : C

Pickups : Maton Bad Boy Alnico 8

Case : Maton Hiscox case

Condition : Brand new

Warranty : factory warranty applies