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2009 Niek Dieteren Parlor 12-fret


2009 Niek Dieteren Parlor 12-fret


Here's a very nice parlor guitar made by Dutch Luthier Niek Dieteren.   There's not much info online about the builder, but the label inside the guitar indicates he started building in 1974. This model is called the model "P" which evidently stands for parlor.


Overall the guitar is very well built, and allthought it's size and features seem loosely inspired on a 1930' Martin style 0-28 guitar it has a unique bodyshape and appointments. The back and sides are solid Indian rosewood as are the bridge and fretboard. The neck is made of mahogany and the top is Sitka spruce. The top and back are beautifully bound with maple, which gives the guitar a classy look. Also the slotted headstock is reminiscent of old Martin parlor & terz guitars. 


The guitar is in very good condition, but does have some playwear. The frets have a bit of wear, but have plenty of live left. There was a crack on the bass side of the lower bout which has been fixed and is perfectly stable. We gave to guitar a full setup after it climatized in our humidity controlled workshop, and it plays without any issues. We did shave about 0.5 mm from the bridge to compensate the neck angle. Some checking in the nitro finish on the top indicates it may have had very heavy strings on and/or was exposed the low humidity for an extended period of time. We'd recommend using light strings for this guitar, and fitted it with a set of 011's, though 012' would work too.

Just like an old Martin, the guitar isn't fitted with a trussrod, and thus it has a substantial neck. I wouldn't call it a baseball bat, but it's just nice and full, and has a good feel to it. Overall this is a very nicely built guitar, and it has a lovely characteristic sound with a surprisingly rich bass response eventhough it's modest size.


This fine parlor travels in a Boston hardcase. Despite having some wear and tear, and a great sounding instrument, and a bargain considering it's a handmade all solid wood guitar with a unique character.


Body material : Indian rosewood

Neck material : Mahogany

Top material : Sitka Spruce

Fretboard material : Indian rosewood

Scale lenght : 24,7"

Fretboard radius : 

Nut width : 

Neckshape : D

Pickups : none

Case : Boston hardcase

Condition : very good, has some wear and tear

Warranty : does not  apply on used guitars