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2015 Tokai LS95 Snow White with Deluxe case

€850.00 €700.00

2015 Tokai LS95 Snow White with Deluxe case

€850.00 €700.00

ON SALE ! We're making room for new guitars and are clearing out some stock. Sale prices don't apply on trade-ins.


Here we have an excellent high-end Japanese made Tokai LS95 in the rare no longer available Snow White finish. Tokai earned their reputation with the now sought after "law-suit" era guitars and have continued to make excellent guitars that can easily match or even exceed the quality of their American counterparts. 


This LS95 is in super clean condition, really close to new, and travels in a deluxe hardcase that holds a hygrometer inside. A case is not a standard feature with this model and comes as a bonus. Thus this is an amazingly sharp price for a guitar of this level of quality. 


The LS95 has a solid unchambered mahogany body, so it's not the lightest guitar, but it does have killer sustain and a massive tone.


Body material : mahogany

Neck material :  mahogany

Top material : maple

Fretboard material : rosewood

Scale lenght : 24,75"

Fretboard radius : 12"

Nut width : 

Neckshape : full C

Pickups : PAF Vintage MKII

Case : Deluxe hardcase (not a standard feature!)

Condition : Mint

Unique features : Rare color !

Modifications : none

Warranty : does not apply on used guitars