2005 Collings C-10 Deluxe Cutaway (Full option custom order)

€ 4.750,00

The Collings C-10 model is based on a 1930’s Gibson L-00, and is a parlour sized guitar made to Collings’s impeccable standards. As this is the Deluxe version it already sports some aesthetic features that set it apart from the standard model, but in addition this custom ordered C-10 is also loaded with mostly every exquisite option Collings has to offer!


One of those features is the tight grained Adirondack top that shows a gorgeous hint of bear-claw under certain light, and additionly the guitar is even fitted Adirondack braces! The back and sides are made of solid Honduran mahogany as is the neck. The fretboard and optional pyramid bridge are made of ebony and the fretboard features a classy Mother of Pearl modern diamond inlay. The ebony veneered peghead is also adorned with a modern diamond inlay. The golden Schaller tuners and the optional full body sunburst finish really complete the luxurious  appeal exceptional instrument.


Due to the combination of the finest woods and the smaller body size the C-10 has a truly unique tone that’s also remarkably loud. Overall the sound is very balanced with a crisp presence on the higher notes. It also has that typical dryness associated with mahogany guitars, which is slightly more pronounced due to it’s size, and gives it a great voice for blues and ragtime. The guitar is very responsive to every nuance in your playing and due to the cutaway, which is also an optional feature, very easy to play. A previous owner installed Fishman Ellipse Matrix pickup which allows you to blend a piezo and condenser mic, making it great for on stage too.


This guitar has been very well cared for and is in perfect condition. It’s as close to mint as a 13 year old instrument can be, with only few angel-hair scratches on the pickguard, and a tiny little dent on the lower bout. Otherwise it’s perfect and as new. Travels in the original TKL case.


Sold to Paul Davids, who made a cool video about this guitar! Thanks again Paul.