1969 Martin D12-20

€ 1.595,00

Another beautiful vintage Martin just came in. This 1969 D12-20 has spent most of it’s life on the road, and has the scars to prove it, but it sounds amazing! The D12-20 is 12-fretter with mahogany back and sides, spruce top and rosewood bridge and fretboard. The name indicates it’s a style 20 guitar, but you can basically consider it a style 18 guitar with a checkered centre strip on the back and a slotted headstock.


This is a wonderful sounding 12 string that has really matured for nearly 50 years of being played. The combination of the mahogany body and 12-fret neck make for allot of clarity yet with sufficient fullness in the lower-end. All in all a very balanced and rich sounding guitar. As it’s not in “under the bed” condition, this is a great vintage piece to take with you on stage and a beautiful instrument to record with in the studio too.


Like I said the guitar has been on the road, so there are some repaired cracks on the back and side. There is some finish checking on the top, and possibly one or two of those lines are superficial cracks too. There are also some hints of overspray here and there. A line running on the back of the headstock indicates one of the slots might have taken a hit, yet the headstock itself is undamaged save for some wear. The neck angle is perfect and the guitar plays great with low action and plenty of saddle left for further adjustment. It has been thoroughly inspected and is structurally stable. All parts are original.


The guitar travels in it’s original hardcase and is equipped with a good sounding piezo pickup. This is great vintage guitar for the working musician, offered at a fair price. These usually sell for around 2k here in Europe (if you can find one), and even though it’s a bit roadworn it is all original and has that sound you’ll only find in a good old Martin.


Body material : Honduras mahogany

Neck material :  Honduras mahogany

Fretboard material : Rosewood

Scale lenght : 25,5"

Fretboard radius : 16"

Nut width : 

Neckshape : C

Pickups : K&K 

Case : Original hardcase 

Condition : Heavy traces of use and several repaired cracks.

Modifications : no

Warranty : Dear Wood 2 year used warranty