- Maton Guitars -

Dear Wood is proud to be official dealer for Maton Guitars and we always have a broad selection of their fine instruments in stock. From the workhorse SRS series, to the Tommy Emmanuel  signature model and even the exquisite custom shop guitars built by master luthier Andy Allen, you'll find them all at Dear Wood! 

Maton guitars are made in Australia where the company was founded in 1946 by luthier Bill May. Today the company is still run by the May family and employs 70 people who craft each Maton guitar by hand, using a broad variety of traditional and local timbers which give these instruments their unique sound.

Maton guitars are regarded as the best sounding amplified acoustics out there due to their in-house designed AP-5 pickup system, which offers an impressively natural acoustic tone in live situations. No wonder players like Tommy Emmanuel, Michael Fix and Adam Rafferty choose a Maton as their go to guitar. 

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The Bunya tree yields an outstanding soundboard timber - probably the best Australia has to offer. Maton pioneered the use of this tonewood in the mid 1990's and have made some of our finest guitars from Bunya. Bunya has an earthy, wild, evocative tone, a change from the conventional - but with the volume, tone and beauty to stand up in its own right. Bunya is also a sustainable guitar making soundboard, reaching maturity in 80 years. Compare that to the 300 plus years it takes to grow Spruce.

Victorian blackwood

One of the most visually stunning furniture timbers available, Blackwood has also become an important tonewood. Most of the Blackwood used on Maton guitars comes from the Otway Ranges in Victoria, Australia. It often displays "fiddleback" character and "AAA" grade Blackwood can be intensely figured. It has a warm, full tone with a particularly pleasing mid frequency response and has become one of our most sought after timbers. It may be of interest to learn, that whenever a Maton employee gets to make their own guitar, they almost always choose Blackwood.

Queensland maple

Originally used as a Mahogany "substitute", Queensland Maple has become the backbone of the Maton sound. It is used in nearly every Maton either as a neck, back & sides, or internal component. A rainforest hardwood from Northern Queensland, this timber is light, strong, and visually striking. Queensland Maple is extremely well balanced with an even response across all frequencies. If you are looking for the secret to Maton's great tone, this is a good place to start.

Queensland walnut

This large, hard and dense rainforest timber has proven to be an excellent laminate for the 325 and 425 series. This Australian timber produces great tone, giving a clear top end frequency response with full bodied mid and bass. It is also visually beautiful, having much in common with American Walnut.

Sitka spruce

The traditional choice of soundboard timber for many guitar manufacturers, "Sitka Spruce" has become the benchmark against which all other timbers are measured. It is found on the West Coast of North America from Northern California to Alaska.

Red cedar

Found on the West Coast of North America, Western Red Cedar is lighter, softer and a little more stable than Spruce. Due to a lighter mid presence, it has a sweeter tone than Spruce, making it a favorite with finger stylists and classical players.