Guitar lessons at Dear Wood !

Now that we all have some time on our hands because of the Corona situation what better to do than to play guitar! I've been working as a guitar-teacher for over 15 years, and while private lessons are out of the question right now, the internet provides a great way to stay in touch and share ideas. In the upcoming period I will be uploading new lessons frequently. The video content is free and I'll be adding PDF-files with each lesson which you can download for a small fee. We all need to make a living.. but most of all I hope these lessons will be useful to you, and I really enjoy working on them as it makes me spend more time with the guitar too! If you have any suggestions for songs or subjects you'd like me to discus, just drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

I'm also available for online lessons through skype and facetime in Dutch or English. The rate for a 30 minute lesson is € 20,-. 

30 minute online guitar lesson. 

20-03-2020' Tabs for Autumn Leaves walking bass part.

Here's how it sounds..

Download the PDF file for this walking bass part for Autumn Leaves for only €2,50 ! Consists of three pages written in tabs and notes.

... and here's that part in an arrangement.