More work done on the Hoyer Special..

Gepubliceerd op 1 november 2019 om 15:07

This week I made some good progress on my Hoyer Special. I repaired two cracks, drop filled some dents with nitro and cleaned up the neck. The neck will still require some light sanding though as I'm planning to refinish it. 

Before doing any mayor finishing I prefer to stabilise everything else first so I don't have to handle the guitar on the bench once to new finish is on. So another issues I've addressed was fixed some loose binding, as well as restoring the front of the headstock. Here the finish was crumbling of in some spots, so I started drop filling those area's with nitro. The cracks in the finish are actually caused by cracks in the ebony veneer below it, and I was hoping that a light coat of thinner would dissolve the old finish enough so it would melt together and close them.. Unfortunately that didn't happen, so I decided to add a few coats of nitro over the face of the headstock. It'll take a few more to get a mirror like surface as the cracks are pretty deep, and once the solvent in the finish has vaporised they keep popping up again. Building the finish up slowly and focusing on filling only the cracks every few coats with a small brush will ultimately get me there..


Re-glueing some loose binding. These header pins are always convenient to have around and I use them on all kinds of jobs! Here I'm using them to gently separate the binding from the fretboard so the glue runs into the seam more easily. 

Making a cleat by thinning a small piece of 1/4 sawn spruce. Using my phone as a flashlight and a clamp to hold my mirror in position, so I have my hands free to carefully position the cleat. Another crack near the neck block was filled with wood glue.

Cleaning the neck.. Above are the "before" pics and below the "after". I hope it's apparent... As you can see in the above pic of the headstock there's not much of the original finish left. On the back of the neck there's also hardly any finish left at all. Possibly it was sanded down at some point? I found that I couldn't remove small bits of finish around the heel and the volute by using thinner or acetone, suggesting these spots may have been touched up as nitro would have dissolved as it did on the other area's of the neck where there was still some finish left.

I started by drop filling the most severe crack and arts where the finish of the headstock had fallen out, but ultimately decided that I needed to put on a few coats of nitro to get the intended result.

The pic on the right is where I'm lightly polishing the top after cleaning. I've had previously taped of all the dents that are through the finish, not the get any dirt on the bare wood and cause discolouration.  Afterwards I will drop fill some of these dents and blend those spots in with a final polish.

Next week, more progress on the Hoyer Special, a new Maybach Lester with P-90's and hopefully a finished Dear Wood Telecaster!

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