This week at the shop.. (week 40)

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It's been another productive week here at Dear Wood. First of all I finally found some time to re-organise the showroom. There have been allot of guitars coming in lately and it's getting a bit crowded here. I think I can squeeze in a few more now, but the storage is stuffed with hardcases!

The rest of the week  I've spend in the workshop preparing for new projects, and I also started working on the first Dear Wood Telecaster!

Building the first Dear Wood Telecaster..

This week the first parts for our own line of Dear Wood Guitars arrived. I've spend about a year doing research and building prototypes by hand, before I found a supplier who can make bodies and necks exactly to our desired specifications. These parts are CNC-ed for us which is a real time-saver, and allows us to keep the prices accessible.

In the picture on the right the body and neck meet for the first time, and it's a snug fit! I also checked the alignment and it's spot on. As all the holes still need to be drilled there is some flexibility in terms of hardware choices and methods of neck mounting too.

I decided to stick with a traditional early 50's lay-out for this one, and am aiming for a butter-scotch(ish) finish. The body is stained using a water-stain and will later be finished with hand-brushed nitro! I've had very good results brushing on a nitro finish before. The key is to apply thin coats, and after the first coat make sure to add some extra thinner to your lacquer for the following coats. Each subsequent coat will melt in the previous one which is an advantage of using nitro, but this also reduces the flow of your lacquer. Thinning your lacquer a bit helps counter that problem, and gives you a smoother result. After six to 10 layers let your project cure for a week and polish out any remaining unevenness. 

Guitar of the week !

We sold some great guitars again this week. Among them this beautiful Stanford CR-35 which is on it's way the USA! 

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