This week at the shop.. (week 39)

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It was a busy week here at Dear Wood, and we have some awesome new gear coming up!

We started the week with the announcement of our new dealership for Maybach guitars, which I'm very excited about! Maybach guitars are handmade in the Czech republic and are close reproductions of classic 50's to early 70's models. 

This week six Maybach's arrived at the shop, and the first ones are already on the website. Personally, I fell in love with the Lester 72' Edelweiss which is such a beautiful guitar ! Life is hard though, can't keep 'm all..

Next to the new Maybach guitars we received a very nice 12-string Guild acoustic, and some nice trade-ins from customers. One cool trade-in is a 1 watt Marshall JVM-1 50th anniversary amps, and we also have a fabulous Tele coming up with Joe Barden pickups, but I didn't have time yet to take pictures.. so that's one to look forward to for next week..

New Schertler amps !

We also received  a shipment of new Schertler amps. Currently we have in stock the Giulia Y, the David and the Jam 200! 

In the workshop..

After delivering the first guitar I made from scratch to a satisfied customer last week  I decided to tidy up the workshop before moving on to the next project..  This was also a good moment to sort out tools I hardly use so I can sell them and make room for new tools! I have been buying allot of antique tools lately, which with a bit of work, are very rewarding to work with. They can also be found relatively cheap, while the quality is often very good. There's also something special about using hand tools that have been used by craftsman in some cases for more than 100 years!

Here's the Tele I finish last week, and some pics of a rather organised workshop..

Shooting video's..

While in the workshop I've been listening to various releases from the Tacoma Records catalogue lately, home to the "American primitive" genre, and I'm particularly fascinated by the late artist Robbie Basho. Basho used to play raga style improvisations on a 12-string in applying all kinds of interesting tunings, so when the Guild F-2512E arrived I felt inspired to try something along that line. (This is how it often ends up when I finally force myself to record some youtube video's, I get lost in improvisation..)

And finally,  building a guitar again!

I know, it's been a week since I finished my last guitar so time to start the next project. Well, I just got started on the first Dear Wood guitar. These guitars will be handmade with quality parts made to our specifications, and will be fitted with top notch hardware. The core of these guitars will be a CNC-ed body. This keeps the cost down and enables me to offer a pretty much hand built guitar for a very good price. There's still allot of handwork that goes into these guitars, and there will be plenty of options available to tailor them to your personal preferences.

For this one I'll probably be using a mixture of tung-oil and gum-turpentine (!) on the maple neck, and hand-brushed nitro for the body. I've done this on some previous restorations with good results. The pickups will be Fender Custom Shop Nocaster pickups, which are an amazing sounding set! 

Stay tuned for next weeks post and have a great weekend!

All the best,


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